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Why intermediation?

Last few years, the job market has been through many changes. Such a change made the process of seeking for right employees more difficult than ever! At the same time, the cost of obtaining a new employee rose significantly, which has put the enterprises in uneasy HR situation. Therefore it’s worth to make use of outside sources of recruitment.

Modern Recruitment

Our company offers help in testing employees, who can make your company even more successful and will complete the business targets. Don’t let the staff shortage to have a negative influence on your business actions.

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Our goal is to introduce only trusted and motivated employees to your company. We try to avoid inadequate candidates. To make it possible, we conduct competency tests concerning specific enterprises and posts.


We also test the candidates based on their stress resistance and ability to work abroad away from family; therefore, you are sure that the candidate will be prepared to work at your company. We only rely on the best!


We provide mediation services between candidates and employers. It means that we advise which employees will do best in a particular branch, e.g. logistic (warehouse work, manufacturing or inventories).



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